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Animals Shapes Squeaky Plush Chew Toys for Dogs


Item Type: Pet Toy

Toys Type: Squeak Toy

Material: Plush

Color: Multi-color

Pattern: Stripes

Length: 25 cm/9.84″



1. Lifelike Design: the animal shapes are almost real, which can arouse curiosity and attract the attention of pets to make them busy so that they will not have time to destroy your furniture.

2. Material: high-quality plush material, durable and resistant to bite, soft and comfortable, non-toxic and harmless.

3. Clean the Teeth: the chew toy can help pets clean their teeth to improve their health of oral and appetite.

4. Squeaky Design: when the dogs bite the toys, they can make a clear sound to increase the interest in playing.

5. Good Friends: the toys can help you to accompany your pets when you have no time. Through playing with the toys, dogs can ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure.


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