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Dog Chew Suction Cup Tug of War Toy Multifunction


The ideal design controls the dog’s food intake and improves the dog’s intelligence. Our chew toy can rub off the tartar and make your dog’s teeth healthier. The suction cup is designed for medium and large dogs and can withstand up to 100 lbs or more pulling force. When you install the suction cup on a smooth surface, please completely squeeze the air out of the suction cup. Military quality braided rope, dogs can not easily bite off the rope, so sturdy rope can satisfy the dog’s long tug-of-war game; strong rope makes a strong dog’s teeth.

Product Specification:
Item Type: Suction Tug of War Dog Toy
Material: TPR
Color: Blue&Red
Suitable For Pet Breeds: Small, Medium Dog, and Cat
Size: Total length 28.5 in
Suction cup: 2.4 in*3.74 in
Dispensing ball: Max 3.15in

  • Clean dirt and dust on the suction cup and floor before use every time
  • Please moisten the suction cup and put your foot on its surface to squeeze the air. Also, ensure the floor surface is smooth such as the Ceramic tile floor, door, and glasses. Make sure the suction cup and floor are without gaps (Please step on it with your feet to ensure the best suction power.)
  • The suction cup of this toy can work better on a smooth and flat surface. Please note to use it on matte wooden floors, dusty walls, and concrete surfaces. (This suction cup toy does not contain a sticker.)

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