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Dr. Pol Pine Pellet Cat Litter


This Dr. Pol 25lb bag of Pine Pellet Cat Litter is made of 100% natural pine and is healthier for your cat, easier for you, and better for the environment. This superior alternative to unhealthy clay and silica-based products is instinctively attractive to cats, has superior odor control, is super absorbent, dust-free, and easy to clean. Dr. Pol’s litter is environmentally friendly with no added chemicals and is USDA-certified, compostable, and biodegradable. Our Dr. Pol cat litter is 100% natural and uses only the highest quality raw materials.
  • Super absorbent and easy to clean
  • Fresh pine scent naturally eliminates odors
  • All-natural with no added chemicals
  • Safe & healthy for your pet, yourself, and the environment
  • Low dust reduces tracking
  • USDA-certified biodegradable and compostable

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