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Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat


Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked with Apples is a healthy and delicious treat that caters to your small animal’s natural chewing instincts. These biscuits are packed with the natural high fiber of timothy grass hay, promoting optimal digestion and overall well-being. The apple flavor is sure to tantalize your pet’s taste buds, providing a flavorful snacking experience they will love. Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked with Apples are perfect for placing in a dish or hand feeding, providing a fun and interactive way to bond with your furry friend. However, it’s important to remember that treats should only be given in moderation to avoid overfeeding. These treats are ideal for bonding and playtime with your small animal!
  • Supports dental health through natural chewing activity.
  • Ideal for bonding and playtime.
  • Great enrichment and foraging for small animals.
  • Provides the natural high fiber of timothy grass hay.
  • For pet rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small animals.


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