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Vitakraft Bursts Small Animal Treats


Vitakraft Bursts are crunchy, pillow-shaped, timothy hay rabbit and small animal treats with a yummy wild harvest fruit center. Includes key ingredient timothy hay for rabbit, guinea pig, and hamster health. Thanks to their nutrient-rich, real berry center, bursts are also great guinea pig vitamin C treats. Great for nibbling to promote healthy tooth wear or just for the bunny, guinea pig, or hamster enrichment.
  • UNIQUE TEXTURE: A crispy timothy hay shell on the outside with a smooth and wild harvest fruit filling on the inside. Two great textures, one Vitakraft treat.
  • NUTRITIOUS INGREDIENTS: Sweet timothy hay gives your small pet vital protein and other nutrients, and the natural, mouth-watering berry mixture is full of vitamins.
  • SUPPORTS DENTAL HEALTH: Your small animal’s teeth are always growing, and they need to chew to keep them healthy. Bursts’ crunchy texture supports tooth conditioning and optimal dental health.
  • INDULGENT: Premium ingredients and inventive textures make for a luxurious bite. With Bursts, your small pet can eat just as well as you!
  • QUALITY FIRST: Gently oven-baked in small batches for optimal freshness.


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