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Y YHY Cat Food Bowls Set


The raised cat bowl puts a cat’s mouth at a suitable position about its stomach, helps the cat move easily, and alleviates occasional vomiting. The stand is a suitable height to stop ants from finding cat food so your cat can comfortably drink in a good mood. The cat bowls are shiny and wide, allowing the cat to eat easily without hitting his nose on the top of the bowl rim.

  • Reduce neck burden: 2.3-inch height of the stand, the raised cat bowls place the food and water at a more comfortable height for your cat. Your lovely cat could comfortably eat and drink without straining his neck.
  • No more postprandial issues: Raising the level of cat food bowls is suitable for digestion; it helps the cat swallow more easily and alleviates occasional vomiting.
  • No slip and no mess: The rubber feet are stable, which helps to keep the cat bowl in one place; even the hungry cat can’t push around the water and food. No more water or food on your floor.
  • Sturdy ceramic: Unlike plastic and stainless steel cat dishes, the ceramic elevated cat bowls are healthy, sanitary, rust-free, microwave, and dishwasher safe. The ceramic bowls helped with the kitten’s chin acne.
  • Made for a cat or small dog: 12 oz for each bowl, one pet bowl for food, and one for water, it could last for a day of food and water without having to refill constantly.

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